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The Under Doge™ is a mild-mannered doge with a story. Follow Under Doge™ as he flies from his humble roots as a street doge, to his noble acts of heroism that show him his true powers and potential!

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  • Mint Info:

    • Collection Size: 2,000
    • Collection Type: PFP
    • Collection Type: Genesis
    • Hand Illustrated: Yes
    • Mint Price: 0.015 ETH


    • (10) “Heroes and Villains” 1/1s!
  • Utility:

    • Unlock the Under Doge™ story!
    • Limited Edition UD merch!
    • Charity, Stickers, Merch, and More!
    • Endless utility from @ApolloNFU.
    • Unique @OddballRandall art.
  • The Team: